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The Year 2000 is an exploration of the cycling life. This is a chronicle of a normal guy attempting to cycle 2000 miles in the year 2019 as a way to invite the unexpected, the wonder, and the adventure of life as uniquely provided by two wheels.  The spirit of this undertaking is about disrupting routine, embracing challenges (no matter how modest), and manifesting adventure in our docile modern lives.  This is a meditation on what it means to invite cycling into your daily life.  Here you will find weekly reports & reflections and hopefully, the occasional trace of inspiration to feed your own journey, whatever that may be.

By Car or by Bike?

Two successive trips to the same location.  Two totally different experiences.  On Thursday, my wife and I drove down Florida’s AIA south of Fernandina to the Talbot Island state park for a day of sightseeing.  Two days later, I retraced the route but on a bicycle. ...

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Road Locked in the Sunshine State

What makes a community bike friendly? How does infrastructure dictate recreational opportunities in a community? These are some of the questions flitting around my mind at the onset of this year as I find myself “road-locked” in suburban Florida, flush with sunshine...

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR First of all, thanks for visiting.  I’m Mike Renner, the author behind The Year 2000 blog.  I’m an average midwestern guy with a laptop and an enthusiasm for cycling and other outdoor pursuits.  I live in Bismarck, North Dakota. ...

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